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Suited for the big beach day summer games or as personalised promotional giveaways, our 100% fully customisable promotional Volleyballs are a fantastic way to really heat up your big event day.

Check Out Our Personalised Volleyballs Range

Official volleyball regulations state that the volleyball itself must have a circumference of 65-67cm and weigh in between 260-280g. We use both soft foamy PVC and Satin with cross lamination for perfect shape retention.

Our promotional custom Volleyballs are machine stitched and offered in a custom mini, standard size 5 and our best Professional full size Volleyballs are finished in PU (Polyurethane) with a meticulous hand stitched finish.

As a choice option, our custom Volleyballs PVC are perfect for promotional events and for use in the garden or the beach - the mini Volleyballs PVC being the best option for this for young children.

For big match day events our custom Volleyball PU are hand-stitched and crafted with the purpose of delivery better durability, lightness and aerodynamic stability, while also being a great premium giveaway at any big important event!

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