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Promotional Tennis Balls Customisation Guide

Custom Branded Promotional Tennis Balls

Personalised Promotional Tennis Balls made from rubber with a felt outer lining. This product makes a great promotional gift for advertising, events or tennis clubs. Pantone match the colours to your branding for optimized brand awareness.

Branded Tennis Balls Size

As per the ITF(International Tennis Federation) a tennis ball must be 6.54 cm to 6.86 cm in diameter with an approximate weight of 56-59.4 grams.

For promotional purposes however, we have custom branded tennis balls available in several weight and size options.

Different Colour Options for Branded Promotional Tennis Balls

The only allowed colour for matches is fluorescent yellow.

Promotional tennis balls can however be produced in a wide range of colours. You can either choose to have your logo printed on one of our stock coloured balls or have the colour of the ball pantone matched to your branding guidelines.

Promotional Tennis Balls Multiple Colours

Promotional Tennis Balls Multiple Colours

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