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Use custom branded rugby balls for your next marketing campaign!

Check Out Our Custom Printed Rugby Balls 

Suited for all events and all occasions, all custom Printed Rugby Balls products are custom made to your requirements.

Custom Printed Rugby Balls are the perfect product for giveaways, with personalised mini rugby balls making ideal giveaways on a budget and full size branded rugby balls providing a canvas to promote your brand whilst allowing match play.

Whether for training, matches or product giveaways there's a wide range of options including various types, size and qualities designed for different needs from perfect promotional giveaways through to professional size and quality rugby balls for the big match

We have custom printed rugby balls available in all sizes and all qualities. From a size 0 mini ball to a standard size 5 ball, all our rugby balls are available for full custom printing and personalisation. With a minimum order quantity of just 50 pieces, you can choose between promotional, training & match quality.

We offer printed rugby balls in a variety of types that vary in quality, some perfect to build brand awareness as promotional giveaways whilst others of a match ready quality perfect for the big match.

Please feel free to browse around our website & in case of any questions, contact our friendly team at or (+44) 01372 700 291

Great for Giveaways

Promotional Rugby Balls PVC

If you’re looking for a rugby ball to train or play with… look at the other options, because this isn’t it. These PVC Promotional Rugby Balls are made from smooth PVC synthetic polymer and designed to be used only in displays or for giveaways.

Like the rubber promotional balls, these balls come in all sizes, from keyring to size 5 and are entirely customisable so you can have your company/club/team logo or personal design printed on these for a giveaways, gifts or corporate events.


Great for Giveaways & Light Kickabout

Promotional Rugby Balls RUBBER

Rubber Promotional Rugby Balls are the kind of balls designed for light use. The clue is in the title – these balls are designed for promotional purposes. Want to hand out a nice end-of-year gift to club members? Need a stylish rugby ball logo gift for some sponsors of your team? That’s what these promotional quality rugby balls were designed for. Still made with pimpled rubber for a decent grip to toss around casually, these promo rugby balls only have two layers of lining and can be ordered not just in gameplay sizes, but also in mini rugby balls size as well as midi and keyring.

Our Promotional Rugby Balls are made from Top Quality Pimpled Rubber Outer and a 2 ply inner lining. Perfect for business giveaways and general kick about. These pimple rubber printed rugby balls are available in all sizes from custom rubber rugby keyrings, mini to full size 5.

Great for Matches & Training

Match/Professional Rugby Balls

This match quality custom rugby ball material is made of pimpled rubber with three layers of inner-lining to make sure it can stand up to the rigours of match-day rugby.

Designed to IRB Specifications, these balls are hand-stitched and come in sizes 3, 4 and 5 and are of the highest quality and standard for actual gameplay. And - if you’re looking to print out your club’s logo for weekend matches - we can certainly help with customised match rugby balls.

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