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Use custom branded footballs for your next marketing campaign!

Check Out Our Custom Footballs Range

Suited for all events and all occasions, all custom printed football products are custom made to your requirements.

One of the biggest sports in the UK & worldwide, football (soccer) certainly unlocks the most potential for any company. The most famous sport for Britain’ population, football also gets the audience for footballs & football accessories ranges from the casual player, to the international sportsperson, to the passionate fan.

Use custom branded footballs to market your brand, you will reap rewards without a doubt.!

We offer printed footballs in a variety of types that vary in quality, some perfect to build brand awareness as promotional giveaways whilst others of a match ready quality perfect for the big match. Please feel free to browse around our website & in case of any questions, contact our friendly team at or (+44) 01372 700 291

Long Lasting Durability

Training Footballs

Available in sizes 3,4 and 5, weighing from, our high quality training balls are hand-stitched with a 3-layer inner lining and specifically designed for practice and training.

Slightly lighter in weight than a match ready ball allowing the player to build up strength and stamina. Built for consistency, long-lasting durability and low maintenance, perfect for use on multiple surfaces.

Superior Club Quality

Match Footballs

Available in sizes 3,4 and 5, weighing from, our high quality matcg balls are hand-stitched with a 4-layer inner lining.

Our full size match footballs are built to meet international match specifications, meaning you can enjoy the same high quality of football as professionals.

These Match Footballs provide the highest degree of playability that ensures all-day, all weather performance.

The match footballs are manufactured in PU rather than PVC, which achieves match day performance by advantages such as being hand stitched and tested for perfect roundness, perfect weight and minimal pressure losses to ensure long lasting durability.

Our Professional PU Footballs offer a true feel and touch by using this thicker PU material. We can also offer Official IMS and FIFA regulated Footballs which undergo final production testing to meet professional standards, while more expensive it makes this the perfect choice for players and clubs alike that are seeking optimal performance quality on the big match day!

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