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Originally personalised basketballs used to be produced in a standard orangey colour however we offer a blank canvas for you in order to fully customize basketballs with a design of your choice.

We offer customised basketballs in professional sizes in training as well as promotional qualities. The Standard Custom Basketball used by men in professional games or high school academies should be size 7, with a circumference of 75cm and a 22oz weight. For women, the recommend standard for professional matches and use within high school academies is size 6, with a circumference of 72cm and a weight of 20oz. 

Additionally, we also offer customised basketballs in smaller sizes and weight options. Our most popular Customised Basktball Sizes are Size 1, 3 and 7. If you are unsure, go for these sizes, or talk to our team for advise!

Use Personalised Basketballs for your next marketing campaign, you will reap rewards without a doubt.!

Creative Customised Basketball
Creative Customised Basketball
Shark Colourful Customised Basketball
Shark Colourful Customised Basketball
Colorful Customised Basketball
Colorful Customised Basketball


Vast product offering between Full Sized Customised Basketball and Micro-mini Personalised Basketballs.

Customised Basketball Size Guide



Size 1 “Micro-Mini” Basketball

16” circumference (125-127mm diameter) and 8oz weight - used for young toddlers and mini giveaways

Size 3 “Mini” Basketball

22” circumference and 10oz weight - great for young children aged 4-8 years old

Size 4 Basketball

25-26” circumference and 14oz weight - great for young children and promotional giveaways.

Size 5 Basketball

Approx 27-29inches (70-72cm)circumference and 17oz weight – ideal for boys and girls aged 9-11 years

Size 6 Basketball

Approx 29inches (72-73cm) Circumference and 20oz weight - the women’s standard for college and professional as well as promotional / corporate events and marketing  giveaways

Size 7 Basketball

Approx 30inches (75-77cm) circumference and 22oz weight - the standard official size for professional men’s basketball and ideal for promotional / corporate events and marketing giveaways


The custom basketballs produced by our factory are made of pimpled rubber outer layer. Customised basketball made of rubber are ideal for outdoor games due to their bounce on asphalt courts. Custom Basketballs that are made of a rubber outer absorb the rougher surface of a concrete court without sacrificing the ball's grip. A rubber outer customised basketball is also a good choice for beginners because it is the easiest ball to control.!

Due to the pimpled rubber material of the customised basketball we are unable to print digitally onto the ball, however we do offer the option to flood print the ball and pantone match to any colour. You can even decide what colour you want the seams of these custom basketballs to be. Please be mindful that as the seams are hand painted, we advise a darker colour for more effective visuals.

Our MOQ for 100% customised basketball is only 50 pieces.

Colorful Customised Basketball

Colorful Customised Basketball




  • Request a Quote

Whether you've requested a quote online, via email or over the phone, you will be emailed a quote that will include a breakdown of unit price, set-up charges and delivery costs. These prices will be based on your chosen product quality, quantity, delivery location and printing options. There are no hidden charges with Just Balls. Your quote will also include the additional details such as the product size, colours available, print areas and lead times.

  • Request a Visual

Do you need some help with your pitch to the client? Maybe some ball mockups to help your client 'visualise' the logo branded ball? Our 3D ball visual templates have been proven to help our distributors with their sales pitch. Contact us for no-obligation ball visuals, as many as you like with as many revisions as you want! 

  • Request a Sample

If you would like to see a sample of a ball before placing an order, please feel free to request one from our sales team. For our UK based trade distributors, samples are provided free of charge with next-day delivery.

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