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Use full size custom footballs or personalised mini footballs for your next campaign!


One of the biggest sports in the UK & worldwide, football (soccer) certainly unlocks the most potential for any company. The most famous sport for Britain’ population, football also gets the audience for footballs & football accessories ranges from the casual player, to the international sportsperson, to the passionate fan.

Each panel on your customised football is individually printed before being stitched together.

Suited for all events and all occasions, all custom footballs are made 100% bespoke!

Custom Footballs come in a variety of sizes from promotional customised football keyrings, personalised mini footballs in size 0 & 1 to full sized customised footballs. Choosing the right size of your custom footballs with logo will be based on what you'll be using the balls for and who’ll be using them.

Keyring footballs along with personalised mini footballs in sizes 0 and 1 make ideal promotional giveaways, a perfect branding opportunity whilst at events.

Custom Branded Footballs in size 5,4 and 3 are available in a number of different qualities. Whilst these can be made to a promotional quality, ideal for giveaways, competitions & merchandising, these branded footballs also make the perfect match and training balls depending on the age profile of those that will be using it.

The larger full sized custom footballs with logo provide a big canvas to showcase your brand, company or event.

Custom Footballs Size Chart

Custom Footballs Size Chart

We offer printed footballs in a variety of types that vary in quality, some perfect to build brand awareness as promotional giveaways whilst others of a match ready quality perfect for the big match. Contact our friendly team to discuss your custom football requirements at or (+44) 01372 700 291

Long Lasting Durability

Training Footballs

Available in sizes 3,4 and 5, weighing from, our high quality training balls are hand-stitched with a 3-layer inner lining and specifically designed for practice and training.

Slightly lighter in weight than a match ready ball allowing the player to build up strength and stamina. Built for consistency, long-lasting durability and low maintenance, perfect for use on multiple surfaces.

Superior Club Quality

Match Footballs

Available in sizes 3,4 and 5, weighing from, our high quality matcg balls are hand-stitched with a 4-layer inner lining.

Our full size match footballs are built to meet international match specifications, meaning you can enjoy the same high quality of football as professionals.

These Match Footballs provide the highest degree of playability that ensures all-day, all weather performance.

The match footballs are manufactured in PU rather than PVC, which achieves match day performance by advantages such as being hand stitched and tested for perfect roundness, perfect weight and minimal pressure losses to ensure long lasting durability.

Our Professional PU Footballs offer a true feel and touch by using this thicker PU material. We can also offer Official IMS and FIFA regulated Footballs which undergo final production testing to meet professional standards, while more expensive it makes this the perfect choice for players and clubs alike that are seeking optimal performance quality on the big match day!

Customised Football Product Selection Explained

What SIZE customised Football to choose?

Vast product offering between Full Sized Branded Footballs & Size 0 Personalised Mini Footballs.

Customised Football Size Selection Table

Panel Construction
Football Keyring  Circumference Approx 10-13.5cms A popular product giveaway, ideal for generating brand awareness. 6 Panels
Mini Football Size 0 Approx 32-34cm circumference.

Suitable for All Ages. Great for promotional use as well as increasing skill and coordination for players of all ages.

6 or 12 Panels
Mini Football Size 1 Approx 44 cm circumference. Suitable for All Ages. A great choice for younger players to get started and develop close control whilst still small enough to make an ideal promotional gift. 12, 26, 30 or 32 Panels
Size 2 Footballs  Circumference Approx 54-56cms Suitable for All Ages.  
Size 3 Footballs  Approx 61cm circumference. Used at under 7, 8 and 9 age levels of junior football 12, 26, 30 or 32 Panels
Size 4 Footballs  Approx 64 cm circumference. Used at under 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 age levels of junior football.

12, 26, 30 or 32 Panels

Size 5 Footballs  Approx 69 cm circumference. 12, 18, 26, 30 or 32 Panels 12, 18, 26, 30 or 32 Panels

What QUALITY of Customised Football to choose?

Choose between promotional, training and match qualty custom printed footballs.

Customised Football Quality Selection Table

Quality Outer Material Inner Lining Stitching Type Description
Promotional Footballs  PVC 2 Layers Polycotton Inner Lining Machine Stitched

Promotional Quality Entry Level Basic Quality Customised Footballs

Training Footballs PVC 3 Layers Polycotton Inner Lining Hand Stitched Durable, heavier and superior to Promotional Quality Custom Footballs
Match Ready Footballs PU 4 Layers Polyester Inner Lining Hand Stitched

Superior Club Quality Custom Footballs




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Whether you've requested a quote online, via email or over the phone, you will be emailed a quote that will include a breakdown of unit price, set-up charges and delivery costs. These prices will be based on your chosen product quality, quantity, delivery location and printing options. There are no hidden charges with Just Balls. Your quote will also include the additional details such as the product size, colours available, print areas and lead times.

  • Request a Visual

Do you need some help with your pitch to the client? Maybe some ball mockups to help your client 'visualise' the logo branded ball? Our 3D ball visual templates have been proven to help our distributors with their sales pitch. Contact us for no-obligation ball visuals, as many as you like with as many revisions as you want! 

  • Request a Sample

If you would like to see a sample of a ball before placing an order, please feel free to request one from our sales team. For our UK based trade distributors, samples are provided free of charge with next-day delivery.

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